Student Life

Life in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) is not limited to only activities in a class and homework. ITB surely suggests its students to develop their soft skills, expand the network, and find their hobbies and talents.

The hardest part for new students to start a life in campus is about deciding what they want. There are more than 100 student clubs and organizations in ITB. The clubs and organizations have very diverse interests, ranging from sports, arts & cultures, religions, journalism, to education & science topics. All ITB students have equal chances to join the clubs and organizations and, in case they do not want to be an official member, to participate in hundreds of other student activities, such as student volunteering and doing campus part-time jobs. More detailed information about student activities might be found on

Campus Location and Facility

Teaching activities in ITB Biomedical Engineering take place in ITB Ganesha campus. ITB Ganesha campus is in strategic location near the popular street in Bandung, Ir. H. Juanda/Dago road. ITB provides an easy access to essential student facility to support student’s daily needs. Health-care facility, sports centre, cafeteria, and shopping mall are at one’s fingertips from ITB Ganesha campus. In ITB itself there are also subsidies for ITB students to access:

  • Bumi Medika Ganesha, a healh-care service provider,
  • Sasana Olahraga Ganesha, a sports service provider (running track, swimming pool, fitness centre),
  • Koperasi Keluarga Pegawai ITB Canteen, a meal service provider.

ITB library is among the best over the nation that opens the access to a lot online database and journals. There are also some available mini buses to serve ITB students transfer between Ganesha and Jatinangor campus.

Living in Bandung

Private student housing is the most favorite type of accommodation among the students. The information about the housing is mainly from senior students or relatives. Famous locations for the student housing are Pelesiran, Kebon Bibit, Cisitu, Tubagus Ismail, Kanayakan, and Dago Atas from which they only need to ride angkot to reach 5-minute away ITB Ganesha. Recently even some students decide to ride a bike or walk.

Each year ITB provides limited number of 60-120 students, who can live in university accommodation in Sangkuriang & Kidang Pananjung road (for male students) and Kanayakan road (for female students).

Living cost in Bandung is relatively cheaper than any other big cities in Indonesia. ITB students have high chances to get support from ITB scholarships. More than 9,000 scholarships were granted to undergraduate students in 2013.

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